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Door hinge selection points
Oct 11, 2016

Door hinge in our daily life on average more than 10 times a switch, so a good hinge hinge depends on the performance of your furniture is good or bad, choose their own hinge hardware at home also need to pay great attention.

From the following three aspects can distinguish the hinge is good or bad: 1, the surface: look at the product surface material is flat, such as saw the scratches and deformation, is the use of waste (scrap) produced, the appearance of such a hinge ugly, You have no grade of furniture. 2, hydraulic performance: We all know that the hinge is a key to the role of the switch, so this is very important, key to take the hydraulic hinge damper, as well as rivets assembly. Damper mainly to see when there is no opening and closing of the noise, if there is noise is poor quality products, as well as to see whether the round speed is uniform. Are the hinge cups loose? If there is loose proof rivet riveting is not tight, easy to fall off. Close several times to see the cup indentation is not obvious. If it is clear that the thickness of the cup material, easy to "burst cup." 3, screws: General hinge comes with two screws, are part of the adjustment screw, up and down adjustment screws, front and rear adjustment screws, some new hinges also with left and right adjustment screw, which is now called three-dimensional adjustment hinges, Work place already. Tips, with a screwdriver to adjust the point with the intensity of the upper and lower adjustment screw three to four times, and then take down the screw to see the hinge arm of the teeth are damaged, because the hinge arm is formed of iron material, no screws so hard , Easy to wear, as well as the factory tapping if the accuracy is not enough, it is easy to slide wire, or screw fixed situation. The front and rear adjustment screws are also tested.

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