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Escape lock function
Oct 11, 2016

1, security features

In the case of non-emergency, this door is one-way open, illegal personnel from the door can not open the door, but also in the door lock has a special security board to prevent illegal workers with a tool to pry open the door to ensure that the regional Safety. When the attendant through the door with the optional key to open the door from the door, the door lock on the voice alarm will be issued "key to open the door successfully, please" voice prompts, the control center will know that the door is normal Enter state.

2, the fire function

Once the fire occurs in public places, fire emergency, the control center will give the door lock a fire linkage signal, installed in the door lock on the voice alarm will be issued "here is an emergency exit, please quickly evacuate" voice alarm and siren Sound; at the same time even in the door lock on the lights will be issued an optional laser flash. From the visual and auditory prompts the location of the emergency escape exit, and the length of the putter is generally designed for the door width of 2/3 or more people in the escape as long as the encounter door lock putter any position can open the door, The first time can quickly evacuate a large number of personnel to protect people's lives and property.