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Copper Stainless Steel Door Energy Saving And Emission Reduction
Oct 16, 2017

Copper Stainless Steel Door Energy saving and emission reduction

Stainless steel doors shine in new buildings

In the promotion of low-carbon economy, low-carbon life today, because the stainless steel doors can be with the building with the life without any replacement, can be recycled indefinitely, no emissions, can reduce energy consumption and heat island effect, can help reduce energy And water consumption and other characteristics, making it more than carbon steel and other materials in the construction industry will be more advantages.

In addition to the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction makes the stainless steel goalkeeper more and more used, for aesthetics and practical reasons will make the use of stainless steel doors continue to increase the opportunity: stainless steel door optional surface and product series will Continue to expand; high strength and block the small line of sight stainless steel door glass curtain wall support structure to maximize people's vision, and never need to protect the surface of the coating and corrosion; woven and perforated stainless steel door panels are and will be more and more The more used as a sun visor to cover traditional buildings, this is both practical value, but also to obtain long, low maintenance appearance of the best potential way. At the same time, designers have also realized that they do not need a lot of budget can also use stainless steel doors. Stainless steel doors are and will be used in those small and conspicuous applications, such as meticulous entrance canopies, signs and foyers, which can make the building look more luxurious. Stainless steel door products, generally as the door more, more popular with consumers! Consumers generally want to choose a better stainless steel door.

And cost-effective stainless steel door products, we must have a better production process.

To make a good stainless steel door products, the first good raw materials, then for the selection of stainless steel doors is also very particular about the production of stainless steel doors when the need to use the steel, and the market on the best plate on the number of Shanghai Baosteel.

The production process for stainless steel doors generally includes the following steps:

(A) the manufacture of door frames and doors: molding door frames and door panels cutting, bending procedures, stamping and welding sequence of stainless steel plate;

(B) the surface of the washing: First, the door frame and the door of the degreasing agent immersion solution for 2 to 30 minutes; then, will be clear water for 1 to 10 minutes;

(C) the rough surface of the door frame and the door of the surface roughening treatment;

(4) Spray Primer: First, the door frame and door oven, heated to 50 to 200 degrees Celsius, and then began spraying primer, the door frame and the door and primer sprayed into the oven and then heated to 50 to 200 degrees Celsius;

(5) spray the topcoat to the door frame and door to the spray frame, metal finish spray, and then provide re-placed in the oven, heated to 50 to 200 degrees Celsius, and then put dry;

(6) packaging and storage: remove the dry door frames and doors dry, assembled into finished packaging and storage. Invented the production process of the production of stainless steel doors with beautiful, water control and can effectively prevent thieves and other characteristics.

Good stainless steel door products, whether raw materials or production processes to ensure good, so as to produce a suitable stainless steel door products!