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Copper Stainless Steel Door In Actual Test
Aug 31, 2017

Copper Stainless Steel Door In actual test

Brass doors in design and practical testing

In contrast to other categories, the copper gate has a characteristic that is favorable to feng shui, except for its resplendent splendor and calm atmosphere. Because bronze is exalted, the symbol of auspicious in general only Kings and princes home doors can use bronze, now as people living standard unceasing enhancement, the villa gate into the ordinary people, too. In feng shui school, the villa's bronze door is noble and elegant, which symbolizes good luck. It's like the faithful patronus of the family.

1. Actually measure the width and height of the door hole. To the door of the next three measurements, which are consistent, if not consistent, will be subject to the narrowest place, but the error must not exceed 20 ㎜.

2. For errors exceeding 20mm, the correction can be made with cement mortar or lime.

3. It was also to measure the wall thickness measurement, middle and under the three places, to see if the thickness of the wall, at the same time also want to look around the wall and it was on the top of the wall thickness is the same and different to maximize them, but the error must not exceed 5 ㎜.

4. If the error of the wall thickness more than 5 ㎜, needs to be revised.

5. If the wall is a "t-wall", you need to use the joiner board to make the door set line with a fake wall of 50-60mm wide. Thickness is the same as wall thickness.

6. The minimum wall thickness was not less than 80 ㎜. The door frame of low and 80mm dimensions is not very big, opposite the support of door is insufficient. If it is less than 80mm, the thickness of the wall should be increased to more than 80mm.

7. When there is a protruding beam on the door, the top line cannot be installed. Also need to use thin woodwork board to make 50-60mm tall false wall, its length is same as door hole width, depth and door hole thickness is consistent.

The door has a step. The face line with the step side should be added to the step height, the specific size is determined according to the height of the steps.

9. The thickness of the wall of the bathroom and kitchen door wall should be especially noted. More general single-sided tile 25 ㎜, two sides 50 ㎜ tile thickening, particular case by designer with customers and decorate a company to the three parties sign face to face. The final dimensions shall include the thickness of the wall brick. It is best to measure after the wall brick.