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Door Closer Adjust The Connecting Rod
Nov 06, 2017

Door Closer Adjust the connecting rod

Door closer installation steps:

1, usually with the door closer provided instruction manual installation model, so first read the instructions, according to the direction of the door, the size of the closing force and door closers fuselage, connecting seat and door hinge installation size to determine the installation location.

2, according to the requirements of the size of the closing power, by reversing the connecting seat 180 ° or connecting rod and connecting seat to change the position, you can change the closing force. Adjust the connecting rod and the door hinge center line the greater the distance, then the closer the door closer closed power, on the contrary the greater the power.

3, according to the installation model on the location of instructions to determine the location of the installation screws, and then drilling, tapping.

4, with a screw to install the door closer body.

5, install a fixed connection seat.

6, install the driver board with screws.

7, adjust the adjusting rod to 90 ° with the door frame, and then connect the connecting rod and the driving plate together.

8, do not forget to put on plastic cover, it can be used to catch the hydraulic oil leaked from the door closer.

9, after installation, check the fastening screws are tightened, not loose or not strong phenomenon. Open the door to the maximum open position and check that the hinged arm of the door closer touches or rubs against the door or door frame.

Through the automatic door closers installation methods and steps to understand, the next will not be impossible to start, nor because of the use of improper methods caused by a series of problems. The correct installation method is very important, because the installation of a direct impact on whether the normal use. Now, door closers have become essential to modern day public places, of course, are now also available at home, to avoid the fire. However, do you know what is the difference between a door closer and a sequencer?

1, the door closer is a device that can automatically close the fire door, and the sequencer is a device that ensures that the fire door can be closed in a reasonable order.

2, the door closer is installed on the door, a spring-like hydraulic device, accurate, timely and automatically return to the initial position. The sequencer has an activating mechanism that turns the door closed when the fire requires it. The basic components of the hydraulic door closer are the support guide, drive gear, return spring, check valve, rack plunger, throttle spool and housing, end cap, seal ring and connecting rod. The housing and connecting rod act as a fixed door closer and connect the door leaf and door frame.

The working principle of the door closer is that when the door is opened, the door body drives the connecting rod to move, and the transmission gear rotates to drive the rack plunger to move to the right. The spring is compressed during the rightward movement of the plunger and the hydraulic fluid in the right chamber is also compressed. The check valve ball on the left side of the plunger opens under the effect of oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil in the right chamber flows to the left chamber through the check valve. When the door opening process is completed, due to the spring is compressed in the opening process, the accumulated elastic potential energy is released, pushing the plunger to the left, drive gear and door closer linkage rotation, the door closed.