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Door Closer Keep It Open
Aug 31, 2017

Door Closer Keep it open

As fire doors in the use of more and more widely, so different functional properties of electric door closers also will be produced, to provide fire door switch and use a lot of convenience, the electric door closers is more representative of a kind of, can let the fire doors automatically by means of electric control switch, so the advantage and function also is unity, and functional as the universal use of open the door for more specification of fire doors, security is higher, also proved that the use of electric door closers necessity. What are the specific aspects of that?

First: provide security

The use of electric door closers, to keep fire doors normally open state, but at the time of danger and fire through their control of shut the door quickly, so it can provide the function of security, or whether any occasion is a special place, such features could have a place in the fire door function to provide guarantee, so that can raise security, for safety can never be ignored, so the use of electric door closers, it is very necessary, but well worth it.

No. 2: no deformation

And of course the most important thing, is the use of quality assurance electric door closers, no matter at any time as long as it is normal use and regular maintenance, can guarantee the door closers deformation not apart, can provide very safe environment for various places all the time.

Electric door closers all conform to the requirements of the national fire protection, fire door linkage door closers is in response to instruction in the open state of the fire door closed, and through the door magnetic switch will state information feedback to the fire door monitor the electric device, applicable to often open fire door control.

Fire door electric door closers, or electric door closers, can keep fire doors open at ordinary times. When the fire is out, cut off the power supply and shut down the fire door, and the closed fire door becomes "manual push - shut down - manually push - shut off" movable fire divider. How to install fireproof door - door closers?

Installation notes:

1 pull face left and right judgment: the person is outside the door, use the door of left hand, answer to pull door face left open.

The steel door shall be installed on the steel door, and the wooden door can be directly installed.

Make sure your product is not the same as the product you use on the front and back doors.

If the installation has special requirements, please communicate with the manufacturer before purchase.