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Door Closer Speed Adjustment
Jul 25, 2017

Door Closer Speed adjustment

There are many kinds of door closers, such as fire closers, hidden door closers, so the user in the choice of door closers are often do not know how to choose, here will introduce to the user behind the door selection 7 Direction.

1, the ability to shut down

   In general, the door weight and door light is the choice of doorbuilder model of the premise, different models of the door closer it depends on the weight of the door, ranging from dozens of kilograms to several hundred kilograms. The general choice of light weight of the model, on the contrary also choose their own door closers mainly because the switch door is very convenient, the other installation looks very coordinated, of course, there is because of the price reasons, small The price of the door closer is also relatively more economic point. 2, the maximum opening degree and direction

   The use of the different requirements of the door closers of the maximum opening degree is different, in general, closet opening degree can be divided into 120 degrees and 180 degrees, but some brands of door closers are not open direction, and some brands Door closers are divided into left open and right open, so we must be very careful when choosing.

3, whether the need for resident function

   According to the actual situation to confirm whether the door after the need for docking function

4, damping buffer function

   When the door reaches a certain position after a quick opening, a damping buffer is generated, and the damping buffer function can also be adjusted according to our own needs. Damping Buffer Function The main purpose of the main function is to prevent the door through the door or the lock hit the wall or in the emergency escape when people quickly open the door and lose weight and leaning forward. 5, delay off function

   This is mainly refers to the door in the open to the maximum position began to slow down slowly, can be adjusted according to the requirements, the vast majority of this function is applicable to the hospital, or shopping malls inside. Especially in the hospital, with the elderly, children, and the use of access and access to the disabled.

6, door lock adjustment function

   Can be used in the door and the door wide range of different doors on the installation, as well as environmental factors close to the door of the larger resistance, you can freely adjust to get a satisfactory closing force.

7, the use of the environment

   The northern region should choose low condensate hydraulic door closers, fire protection requirements in the place should choose fire door closers.

Closed door speed adjustment specific operation

1, if the adjustment of the valve screw tightening (clockwise adjustment) is the speed will slow down, that is, closing the door close the door to adjust the power.

2, if the valve screw loose (counterclockwise adjustment) is the speed will be faster, that is, increase the door closing force at the same time increase the closing door closing speed. So we must adjust the amplitude of the adjustment in a very small range, and each adjustment are tested door fan strength is appropriate, if the amplitude is too large may screw off, resulting in closed doors oil spill.