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Door Closer The Specific Process Of The Regulation
Aug 08, 2017

Door Closer The specific process of the regulation

As the door closers have not yet been widely used, especially in the family rarely someone to install the door closer, so for its installation and debugging a lot of people is not very clear, although it looks very simple, But if the installation or debugging is not good there will be a lot of security risks, the following and everyone to talk about the installation of closed doors and the specific process. First, according to the location of the installation model instructions to determine the location of the screws to be installed, and then start drilling, tapping.

Second, the next use of screws for closed body installation

Third, the installation of fixed connector

4. Install the drive plate with screws

5, adjust the adjustment lever to the door frame into a 90 degree position, and then then the connecting rod and drive board connected together.

Six, fitted with plastic cover, because the plastic cover can be used to catch the closed door leakage of hydraulic oil

7, after the installation is complete, we need to check the fixed screws are solid, not loose or not solid as the image.

8, the door open to the maximum opening position, and then check the door closer to the hinge arm or door or door frame or friction.

 After the above eight installation steps, a complete closed-door installation and commissioning is completed, in this installation process, the most important thing is to see if our screws are solid, if not firmly or loose for the door closer Buffer will have a certain impact, there are security risks.

When the door is opened, the door body drives the connecting rod and uses the transmission gear to rotate, driving the rack column to move to the right. In the process of moving the plunger will be subject to spring compression, the right cavity of the hydraulic oil will also be oppressed. The check valve on the left side of the plunger opens under the action of oil pressure, and the hydraulic fluid in the right chamber flows through the left valve through the check valve. When the door is finished, the spring will be released due to the compression of the spring during the opening process, pushing the plunger to the left to drive the connecting gear of the transmission gear and the door closer to turn the door closed.

The above-mentioned door closers work a little bit professional, but a closer look should also be able to understand. What are the accessories involved in the closures?

Support guide, drive gear, return spring, check valve, rack plunger, shutoff valve and housing, end cap, seal and connecting rod.