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Door Lock According To The Main Shape
Jul 25, 2017

Door Lock According to the main shape

Hand lock and ball lock which is good? With the continuous progress of technology, the style of the lock is increasing, the appearance of elegant appearance, grade and technological content is increasing, the lock family also derived from many different functions to meet people's lives, the market can be described as abnormal Hot.

    At present, according to the shape of the main lock can be divided into hand locks and spherical door lock two. Which is hand-held door lock and split-type and two-piece, generally by the space aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel and copper and other materials from the machine processing; and spherical lock material is relatively rich, can be wood, plastic, Metal and artificial stone and other materials.

    So, how about hand locks and ball locks? Below the lock for everyone to do something simple contrast:

    Handle the door of the various shapes, relative to the spherical lock a single appearance, which can have more choices, and the appearance of the handle lock is more beautiful.

    The benefits of the ball lock is a variety of materials, wood materials and artificial stone material gives a great feel, the general use of the single tongue structure. Handle the door is used in the production of more complex double-tongue structure, security can be guaranteed. At present, the market has a variety of handle lock, the installation of these hand locks need special tools, or difficult to complete the installation, the general family is difficult to install their own, the use of more inconvenient; In addition, the existing handle Door lock door noisy noise, muffler effect is poor, and easy to damage the door frame, but also easy to wear, shorter life.

    Therefore, the development of a diagonal tongue bearing screw nut handle door lock, which is mainly from the inside and outside the panel, inside and outside the handle, lock the lock cylinder as a whole device and the tongue box composition. Wherein the locking device comprises a main locking tongue, a sub-latch and a lock cylinder, and the outer handle controls the extension and extension of the sub-latch through the drive shaft. The main feature of the hand-

    The device is mainly composed of a shaft hole, a positioning pile, a back force spring, a handle positioning piece, a nut positioning piece and a nut, wherein the shaft hole is provided with a bayonet, The return spring is arranged on the shaft hole and the two ends are respectively caught at the hole of the shaft hole and the positioning pile, the handle positioning piece is arranged at the shaft hole and the bayonet, the nut positioning chip is stacked on the handle positioning plate and the card At the pin hole of the shaft hole, the nut is screwed on the thread of the shaft hole portion and is fixed by the folding portion of the nut positioning piece.

    Oblique tongue bearing knob nuts handle lock features are:

    1, easy installation, no professional tools to complete the installation, installation are solid, will not fall off, free to adjust the tightness;

    2, easy to use, the use of time, the noise is small, handle lighter lock, anti-wear, silence, damage to the door frame, durable, greatly extended the life of the lock, reducing noise.