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Stainless Steel Door Durable
Aug 23, 2017

Stainless Steel Door Durable

Stainless steel doors and durable in addition to the bright colors and never out of rust features

Compared to the ordinary iron or steel hybrid system security door, stainless steel door and durable in addition to the bright colors and never exceeded the characteristics of rust, more importantly, the unique product of the decision. Beautiful appearance, innovation, elegance, pattern and multi-faceted ordinary doors, diversified portfolio of assets, durable, not only to meet the people's strong need for safe, beautiful, personalized features of the consumer. Stainless steel security door industry is gradually turning to technology-intensive, knowledge, technology, art-based direction.

Decoration In view of the current fierce market competition, the company constantly trying to attract customers, because the stainless steel security door unique personalized features, the company has more decorative requirements according to custom stainless steel doors. This trend in this year's market, especially at home, Fuzhou Sanyi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., the proportion of the decoration market has exceeded the proportion of supply, 30% is expected to increase the future.

Stainless steel security door, this special texture of the door posture shows a variety of flower cells inside the door double door separated by a more secure home, decorated and beautiful, optimistic outlook, the real estate market home page, has great potential The Reasonable adjustment of enterprise resources, to develop a more realistic fashion products will further seize the market. Stainless steel door advantages:

1, beautiful and generous line type door frame. Nice, streamlined and elegant.

2, thick hook side, thick edge, embedded overall anti-pry slot. All-round tamper, very solid.

3, double hook side lock, multi-lock, multiple insurance.

4, reinforced under the type of stainless steel into the hinge, solid and beautiful.

5, multi-directional anti-pry multi-functional anti-theft lock, security.

6, dense cushion, shockproof sound insulation.

7, under the lock and lock the box are lining with iron, to strengthen the thick and clean.

8, with anti-aging, anti-corrosion and so on. Appearance bright and clean, luxurious, elegant, high-grade, style.