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Stainless Steel Door Foreground Analysis
Sep 29, 2017

Stainless Steel Door Foreground analysis

Analysis on the Market Prospect of Stainless Steel Door

In recent years, whether it is engineering decoration or home decoration in the pursuit of high quality, high grade, and has distinctive characteristics of building materials. Stainless steel door is to adapt to the great demand of this market, in the field of high-end decoration gradually replace the ordinary anti-theft door, solid wood doors. According to conservative statistics, the current stainless steel doors in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhejiang and other places in the field of high-end decoration has been more than 35% penetration rate, part of the villa area more than 50%, and even the whole district into the door all stainless steel door.

In addition to ordinary iron or steel mixed into the door, stainless steel door in addition to the color lasting bright, never rust characteristics, the more important is the uniqueness of the product decision. Stainless steel door looks beautiful, novel style, visual effects elegant, color varieties are much more abundant than the ordinary door, the combination of diversified, and durable, not only to meet the people into the door security needs, its beauty, personality The characteristics of the same by the consumer's favorite. Stainless steel door This industry is gradually from the technology-intensive to the knowledge, technology, art direction.

On the current market conditions show that as more consumers on the home security and decorative elegance of the duality requirements are getting higher and higher, many real estate developers have chosen stainless steel doors, not only save the buyers to remove the old door unnecessary Waste, but also improve the grade of residential projects, the average spread to the cost per square meter is less than two dollars. The increase in the proportion of developers on this demand has been very clearly demonstrated.

In view of the current fierce competition in the decorative market, home improvement companies are constantly trying to attract customers. Due to the unique characteristics of stainless steel doors, more decorative companies have to customize the stainless steel door according to customer requirements.

The future door industry will be to meet the housing decoration, improve the functional requirements of living, pay attention to environmental protection and other direction. Enterprises will be committed to the development of some formaldehyde, no toluene, green steel doors, crack, heat, moisture, pest control, solid deformation of the transfer door, safe and durable armored doors, nice, never rust Stainless steel doors and other products, so that customers get the quality and service on the double enjoyment. This trend is particularly prominent in this year's home improvement market, stainless steel door plant supply market share has been increasing year by year, is expected to continue to improve in the future.