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Stainless Steel Door Notice The Details
Oct 16, 2017

Stainless Steel Door Notice the details

Stainless steel door because of its color appearance has become the first choice for the public door, home fitted with stainless steel doors not only the appearance of the atmosphere and strong anti-theft. So how is the durable stainless steel security door installed? We introduce you to the installation method of stainless steel door.

Stainless steel single door installation need to use the tools and attention to the details:

1, the necessary tools and materials:

(1) impact drill, hammer, wire pliers, vertical, level.

(2) Expansion bolts M10 × 100, wood chips or cardboard.

2, measuring the size of the door is consistent with the door frame, if the door size is too large or too small, it should be trimmed to be able to adapt.

3, the stainless steel door removed, the door frame into the door, with the level of foot, plumb hammer and other tools to check whether the door is flattened, if necessary, add a piece of wood or cardboard, in the door frame hole set hole hole mark , And then remove the door frame.

4, with the impact drill has been marked on the wall drilling, drilling must be flat, if the skew will directly affect the door.

5, the box into the door, fitted with expansion bolts, the first pre-tightening the middle bolts, to determine the flat and then fixed the rest of the bolts.

6, the door set door frame, check the switch is flexible, the door lock position is accurate, if the exception can be further adjusted.

7, to confirm no other problems, all the expansion bolts fastening, if conditions can be nuts and bolts.

Due to the corrosiveness of mortar and lime, please pay attention to the installation and decoration period Do not let the cement slurry attached to the stainless steel plate, if not accidentally splashed, please rinse with water.

Cast aluminum door is the use of modern high-tech processing technology, solid cast aluminum, the entire casting molding, manufacturing out of the various villas door, courtyard door style novel and beautiful, elegant chic, luxurious and spectacular. It uses 100% pure aluminum material, in the coastal wet areas can also be used normally. It is solid and solid: solid aluminum ingots, the overall casting, no stitching, no welding point, very beautiful. Cast aluminum doors of the product design is the crystallization of Chinese and Western culture, combined with electric, intelligent, induction as a whole, combined with electrostatic powder coating machine fluorocarbon coating, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, in the coastal zone can be maintained for a long time do not fade, A hundred years without rust. It is because the cast aluminum doors have a lot of performance, but also makes more and more people choose to use aluminum doors to do the door. Cast aluminum doors no matter how good, but also know how to maintain, so as to extend the service life, so that products remain beautiful color. Here to tell you about the maintenance of aluminum doors.

Cast aluminum door maintenance methods:

Disinfectant, strong base or strong acid scrub; in accordance with the following treatment, at least every six months should be cleaned once; with neutral detergent (general market for sale) into the water made of 5% solution; with a soft cloth The solution wipes the surface of the aluminum filth; then wipe clean with water; with a soft dry cloth to remove the water.