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Stainless Steel Door Nowadays The Most Widely Used
Nov 06, 2017

Stainless Steel Door Nowadays the most widely used

Stainless steel door and durable except for bright colors and never exceeds the rust features

Compared to ordinary iron or steel hybrid system security doors, stainless steel doors and durable addition to the bright colors and never exceed the rust characteristics, more importantly, the unique product decision. Beautiful appearance, innovation, elegance, pattern and multi-form ordinary door, diversified asset portfolio, durable, not only to meet the strong demand of the people safe, beautiful, personalized features of consumers. Stainless steel security door industry is gradually turning technology-intensive, knowledge, science and technology, art-based direction.

Decorating Given the current fierce market competition, the company continues to find ways to attract customers on its home page. Due to the unique and individualized features of the stainless steel security door, the company has more decorative requirements based on custom stainless steel doors. This trend in this year's market, especially at home, Fuzhou San Yi Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., the proportion of the decorative market has exceeded the proportion of supply, 30% is expected to increase the future.

The stainless steel security door and the gesture of such a special textured door reveal a huge potential for the home page of a real estate market, with a variety of flower cells inside the door and two doors separating a safer home, decoration and a beautiful, optimistic outlook . Rational adjustment of corporate resources, to develop a more realistic fashion products will further seize the market. Stainless steel door rust should be how to deal with

Stainless steel doors are one of the most widely used categories today. Because of its stainless, durable features by everyone's favorite. Many people find stainless steel doors will rust, in addition to know why stainless steel doors rust, how should we prevent stainless steel door rust and rust it?

1, use the appropriate tools.

When cleaning your stainless steel security door, be careful and use non-abrasive tools. Soft cloth and plastic wipe will not damage the stainless steel surface. Of course, you can also clean the ball with stainless steel, but you must follow the manufacturer's polished logo wipe.

2, press the grinding line clean direction.

Some stainless steel security door surface polished lines or texture. If the polishing line, you must follow the polishing line in the same direction wipe, if the texture can not see clearly, then be careful, with a soft cloth or plastic pad to wipe.

3, the use of alkaline, alkali chloride or bleach-free detergent.

Many traditional launders contain bleach, and now the industry is offering more bleach-free detergents. If they tell you that the detergent used contains bleach, ask if they have other options. They may have bleach-free detergents to choose from. Of course, also to avoid the use of chlorine salt detergent. Because it may cause pits or rust.