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Stainless Steel Door Process Including
Aug 31, 2017

Stainless Steel Door Process including

Stainless steel door selection and cleaning installation

1. Selection of stainless steel doors

At present, there are many stainless steel doors in the market. To choose a good stainless steel door, be careful and careful. Now the left and right Chen stainless steel door to give you a few points to choose stainless steel door knowhow.

1. The process of looking at the stainless steel door includes carving, welding and painting. Must pay attention to the process of stainless steel door is meticulous, stainless steel door and other part of welding is firm. The technological level of a door first shows the strength of this product.

Basically every door product manufacturer can tailor the door for you according to your requirements. Each household, because of the structure of its own door and its own floor, will choose different doors. Need not to need, for instance, the door, the door is a threshold to do dark Angle chain or Angle chain, is mother YaoZi door or single, is to choose the closed door or take the screen door all need himself with the teacher to discuss. Therefore, it is better to go to your home to check your house before you buy it, especially for many residents who are not standard size doors.

3. Now there are stainless steel doors, solid wood armor doors, log wood doors, zinc plate doors and so on. The door of the house had better choose stainless steel door, such safety factor is higher. Choose the door of the child door is more safe, practical, in hot summer, open the wooden door that faces here, enjoy the natural cool breeze that brings outside, come another afternoon small break, really good choice. For those who live on lower floors, the environment is more humid, it is better to choose some doors with waterproof materials, so that the door is not deformed.

4. Zoology is a very important part of the door, and there are many types of locks on the market, such as lock points, lock and lock, fast lock, crescent type anti-lock, etc. Consumers can choose a better lock according to their own needs and financial ability. But no matter how salesmen sell, they must watch carefully, and once they get into the house, they won't lose the door.

5, both stainless steel door and other doors, there will always be some interface exposed to air, once the water flow in, will let the door the rust of the rot or housewives so love clean, use a wet cloth to wipe the door, don't wash the door. Be sure to pay attention to the above 5 points when you buy a door! Welcome to choose and buy the stainless steel door.

2. Cleaning and installation of stainless steel doors

In view of the present decoration market competition, domestic outfit company is constantly seeking to attract customers, also because of the characteristic of the stainless steel security door unique personalized, more decoration company have to according to the requirements of customers to customize the stainless steel door.