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Stainless Steel Door Purchase
Oct 11, 2016

If you buy the door wood grain is not clear, or not like the grain and like a lot of ants are the same lines are not good reasons for transfer. A good file wood grain of the door should be very clear. Also note that the majority of the market now is thick door, that is, 5.5 cm or 7 cm door, the above has been mentioned, the vast majority of the door inside are honeycomb paper, and the thickness of the plate and 4 cm The door is the same as the 0.5-0.6 mm thick, but the middle of the paper, so the more thick the door is not strong, manufacturers do so mainly for those who do not know the line of customers that the door thicker the more solid, and some even do the door To 10 cm! This is misleading consumers. Of course, this is my view, if the industry have different views, please correct me. In this also reminded the customer is the cheaper the more do not buy the door, once bought a lot of trouble! Because some areas of the door in order to compete in the need to reduce the thickness of the plate to 0.3 mm! The forming of the door using the general Method is not measured out of the customer.