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Stainless Steel Door Technology-intensive
Sep 12, 2017

Stainless Steel Door Technology-intensive

Stainless steel doors have huge market potential

Compared to the ordinary iron or steel hybrid system security door, stainless steel door and durable in addition to the bright colors and never exceeded the characteristics of rust, more importantly, the unique product of the decision. Beautiful appearance, innovation, elegance, pattern and multi-faceted ordinary doors, diversified portfolio of assets, durable, not only to meet the people's strong need for safe, beautiful, personalized features of the consumer. Stainless steel security door industry is gradually turning to technology-intensive, knowledge, technology, art-based direction.

Decoration In view of the current fierce market competition, the company constantly trying to attract customers, because the stainless steel security door unique personalized features, the company has more decorative requirements according to custom stainless steel door. This trend in this year's market, especially at home, the proportion of decorative markets has exceeded the proportion of supply, 30% is expected to increase the future.

Stainless steel security door, such a special texture of the door posture shows a variety of flower cells inside the door double door separated by a more secure home, decorated and beautiful, optimistic outlook, the real estate market home page, has great potential The Reasonable adjustment of enterprise resources, to develop a more realistic fashion products will further seize the market.

Stainless steel door maintenance how to do transport

Stainless steel does not rust we all know, but stainless steel in the welding process is still a lot of attention to the stainless steel door maintenance transport. Let's take a look at the following points.

1. Whether stainless steel raw materials or processing parts in the transport, loading and unloading, should be used special hoisting transport tools to avoid stainless steel and wire rope or other hard carbon steel and other contact, so as not to bump, scratch its surface.

2. Stainless steel parts of the processing site to be relatively stable, the table should be bedding rubber plate type pad, so as not to damage the stainless steel surface.

3. Stainless steel cutting, the plate should be cut or plasma cutting; pipe and other profiles should be used for plasma cutting or sawing. Cut the rubber laying rubber pad, to avoid damage to its surface; plasma cutting, should be promptly clean up the slag; sawing, the clamping should be added child protection. Sawing after the timely cleaning of the sawing of oil, residue and so on.

4. Stainless steel parts in the installation of welding, you must carefully clean up the surface of the oil, dust and other debris. Welding should try to use argon arc welding. If the use of manual arc welding, the application of small current rapid welding, is strictly prohibited in the non-welding area arc. The ground should be used to select the appropriate location, connected firmly, so as to avoid the arc burn surface or burn area is too large; welding should take anti-splash measures. After welding the use of stainless steel flat shovel when cleaning the slag, do not use carbon steel flat shovel. The weld should be carefully grinding, so that the weld surface smooth transition with the base metal, no slag, stomata, undercut, splash, crack, not fused and other quality defects.

5. After the completion of welding stainless steel parts, the surface should be cleaned up the stainless steel door maintenance and transportation.

6. Stainless steel surface treatment is completed, should pay attention to the finished product protection, to avoid personnel touch, to avoid being contaminated by oil, dust and other secondary pollution.