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The Selection Of Hanging Wheel
Oct 11, 2016

Whether the sliding door can be used for a long time, the key lies in the quality of hanging wheel. If the hanging wheel of poor quality, will greatly affect the life of the sliding door. [7] High-quality hanging wheel, mainly in its appearance design, manufacturing level and with the supporting hanging rail design.


From the structure point of view, four wheel design is the most common and most reasonable, there are four wheel manufacturers on the basis of configuration top wheel, this can reduce the hanging wheel beating. But the wheels are not the better, part of the wheel configuration 12 wheels, the balance effect is not ideal.


Selection of excellent bearings, is the quality of hanging wheel determinants. Application of the more common is the deep groove ball bearings, bearing quality from the limit speed, life, load capacity and other aspects of the decision, the simplest and most intuitive detection method is: when the pulley on the flat back and forth push and pull, feel the wheels are Blocking cards, whether smooth mute. Installation of good or bad, ball, oil and other factors will also affect the bearing accuracy, life and performance. [9] big brands of manufacturers use high-quality bearings, a professional team to provide installation, after-sales maintenance and other services, hanging wheel quality assurance.